Shoulder Pain

The body’s structure is made up of very specific placements for each bone, ligament, tendon and muscle.  When a bone or vertebrae is pushed out of its specific place through injury, poor posture, wrongful lifting or even sitting or driving for long periods of time, the misalignment can cause the muscles, tendons and joints around the shifted vertebrae to become inflamed, overworked or pinched, causing anywhere from mild, annoying symptoms to very extreme and debilitating pain.

What are the common causes of shoulder pain? 

  • Tendinitis: Inflammation of a tendon, most commonly from overuse.
  • Pinched Nerve:  A result from compression or constriction of a nerve that causes numbness,  prickling or burning sensation which radiates outward from the injured area.
  • Tear of the Rotator Cuff:  An irritation or damage to the rotator cuff muscles or tendons in the shoulder.
  • Arthritis:  Painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints, such as the shoulder joint.
  • Frozen shoulder:  A difficulty in which the shoulder joint tissue becomes inflamed and stiff, decreasing the range of motion available, allowing for abnormal bands of tissue or adhesions to grow together and essentially freezing the shoulder in place.
  • Bursiitis:  An inflammation of a bursa in the shoulder, knee or elbow.

How can shoulder pain affect your life?

Because our arms, hands and shoulders are used in so many activities we do on a daily basis, having a shoulder that is significantly affected by injury or pain can greatly reduce productivity and quality of life.

Why see a chiropractor for shoulder pain?

A chiropractor can help decrease stiffness and muscular spasms,  decrease arthritic joint pain and tissue inflammation, increase joint range of motion, increase blood circulation to the affected area as well as give an overall sense of well being and relaxation to the joints and muscles.

What can a chiropractor do to help relieve shoulder pain?

By aligning the bone structure of the shoulder, neck and spine through a spinal adjustment, a chiropractor can help the body naturally heal itself, restore proper circulation to the affected area, decrease pain and inflammation and increase joint flexibility and range of motion, which allows for a faster recovery time.

Do not let chronic shoulder pain interfere with your daily routine and enjoyment of life.  For shoulder pain from accident or injury, contact Baker Chiropractic and Accident Rehabilitation. Call our office in Provo Utah at 801-210-0669 and speak with Dr. Baker, our resident Provo chiropractor.