American Fork Chiropractic & Accident Rehabilitation
Auto accidents and other personal injuries can leave you intense pain. This pain is a sign that something has happened to your body and it needs to get fixed as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. If left untreated, this pain can develop into a serious medical conditions, a loss of mobility and flexibility, and/or other injuries. It is very common to find people who continually suffer from chronic pain such as headaches and migraines, neck pain, back pain, muscle soreness, or other mobility issues because they let their initial symptoms go untreated. Unfortunately, there are no prescription drugs, surgery, or miracle pill that can fix every problem our body may encounter, BUT, there are alternative options available that may help promote healing without drugs or surgery:

Chiropractic Adjustments
Accident Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
Massage Therapy

At American Fork Chiropractic & Accident Rehabilitation,
a dedicated American Fork chiropractor will help you with these chiropractic services to help relieve pain and promote healing of many kinds of injury:

Auto Accidents
Sports Injuries
Office Injuries
Exercise Injuries

Dr. Anderson, American Chiropractor

Dr. Adam Anderson
American Fork ChiropractorDoctors of Chiropractic – often referred to as a chiropractor or chiropractic physician – practice a drug & surgery-free, hands-on approach to health care. This includes a patient exam, diagnosis, and treatment. If you live in American Fork Utah or in the surrounding areas, you’ll be pleased to know that your local American Fork chiropractor, Dr. Anderson, can provide counseling on how to stay healthy.

Dr. Anderson is a licensed, American Fork chiropractor whose been helping car accident victims and pain sufferers for many years.

Our American Fork Chiropractic Clinic
American Fork Chiropractic & Accident Rehabilitation is different than most other chiropractic clinics. Why? Dr. Anderson believes in one simple rule: We treat you till you’re better! What does this rule really mean? If you have been in an auto accident, you will pay nothing out of pocket for your care. Plain and simple. If you have suffered an injury or developed a painful condition due to sports, work, exercise, or surgery, we’ll treat you right at our American Fork Utah location. We use multiple therapies and treatments in a wide range of combinations to get you feeling better and back to living life fully as quickly as possible. Let the #1 American Chiropractor help you get back to feeling 100%!


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